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A Real Estate Development

In early 2018, I was hired by the owner-developers of Uptown240, a new real estate development in Dillon, Colorado, to create a logo and branding for the project. The owners provided me with a mood board of recent developments in Denver, which we used as a reference for our design process. We analyzed the logotype, font, and layout of each development ranked them, and used that information to guide our logo design process. After going through multiple iterations, we decided on the final logo design and the brand color and font that best represented the development.


In the summer of 2018, to work with the development and ownership team of a significant multi-million dollar real estate development in Dillon, Colorado. My responsibility was brand and logo design, corporate design guidelines, and initial website design and development. In addition, I work directly with the ownership and sales team to provide marketing design and production consultation.

Logo Version Before We settled on a tag line. 

Final Logo Version ( centered ) 

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