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Nelson Walley
Real Estate

Nelson Walley Brand Story 

Nelson Walley Real Estate recently hired me to create a brand design and logo for their new real estate firm. Ned Walley and Debbie Nelson, two of Summit County, Colorado’s top-grossing brokers with over $60 million in annual sales, wanted to establish a new agency and needed a solid brand to represent their professional reputation.

To begin, I researched the top three regional competitors and analyzed their use of logotype, typography, images, and layout. This information was used to construct a set of needs for the brand design. The ideation process started with several logo examples presented to the ownership team for feedback. We narrowed the options and eventually chose the method that best represented their business and theirs.

I also chose brand colors based on the ownership team’s input and incorporated them into their brand standards. The logo design process involved several iterations before finalizing the one that satisfied the needs.

Competitor research mood board


I informed ownership of current competitor marketing trends and how these trends will influence future marketing endeavors. Next, I led brainstorming sessions which included mood boards, competitor rank, typography, and color. Finally, I ensured that their brand represented their expected goals.

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