Ninthward Skis

An independent freeski brand

In 2003 I founded and created a freestyle ski brand Ninthward Skis. The brand was a reaction to the industry’s current state at the time. I was a professional skier and had several friends who competed on the same tour. We felt that large corporations were not meeting our needs or understanding our demographics or culture. So it’s because of this I created Ninthward Skis to rebel against the current system and start our way. It began as an exciting process for me, not knowing anything about business marketing or graphic design, just taking my illustration degree into the fray. We had no one to produce art or graphics; the responsibility fell on me. We would work with outside designers, but mostly the work was done by myself. I had to do everything from graphic design, print design production, marketing coordination, and production to delivering all market goods. Many of my early processes producing graphics for Ninthward Skis consisted of giant pencil or pen illustrations. I would scan or photograph each piece to prep for production. Then I would ink and colorize each image and layout to fit skis. Everyone involved loved the raw look that the drawings produced. It gave me an insight into tying analog work into graphic design and how to incorporate that into a production process that includes ski manufacturing. The printing process usually consisted of screen printing or sublimated depending on the look we were after.

Past Line-Up of skis 

Production File w/detail view

Illustrated Silouhette

Exceptional Talent